Kane has a psychotic appeal where at one moment he can be chalk full of manners and charisma, and the very next moment he can be on the verge of scratching off your face. Always stimulated and highly alerted to his surroundings, he can be a little paranoid and always egotistical. He may be a stray, but as he'll proudly point out, it's no reason to lack sophistication.

Mushroom is Kane’s muscle and he is one giant feline. He thrives on delusions and despite impaired judgment he is always up for a good fight. Or bad fight. Or fighting in general. He likes to push his weight around--you get the picture.

Angel is seemingly detached and self-involved. She feels like everyone is beneath her and has made it known that while she may be out on the streets, she has the goal of one day making it big and getting far away from the "little people". However, is her passive-aggressive attitude a cover for something much deeper??