Hi my little prescriptions it has been awhile haven't it? Well here is a major update!!! I was at Catcon this past weekend! What is Catcon you ask? Well Catcon is a major cat themed convention which has been around for 3 years now. You can find any and everything cat related like cat food, toys, cat themed apparel and there were even cat there to adopt! I was at booth 406 and went to the convention with my eldest brother Amond ( Who also works as my editor).

It was my first time even being at a convection and I totally didn't know what to was amazing!!! I got to meet so many great people and see a lot of awesome cat merch. I defiantly want to go next year and if any of you can make it to Pasadena CA next year I would highly recommend going to Catcon! I feel like was able to introduce many people to Medicine Cabinet and I am super excited for the future of Morphine, Prozac and Ritalin!