Medcab News

Hi Guys!!! Just wanted to let you all know that part 3 of medicine cabinet is still in the works and I am sure that all you guys will love it but to help you all get your Medicine cabinet fix I plan to release another Mini comic soon so stay tuned !

As for products I will be adding a new t-shirt design and for new products I will be adding key chains and posters to the site. Once the products are out I will be running another contest so you guys can have another shot at wining some MedCab merch.

A fun idea I have is to have a weekly blog post spot lighting the cats of fans. Pretty much it would just be you guys sending me pictures of your cats and every Wednesday I will feature my pick for the blog. This Wednesday I will feature my baby and next week will start off  Spot light Wednesday. I will post instructions on submitting photos on Wednesday's post. Until next time ;)