First on the list is that the second mini comic is up! Go and check it out now if you haven't done so already and if you enjoy it make sure to share it :)

Second : Tomorrow is the last day to enter the contest!!! don't miss your chance to win some med cab merch.

  1.  First place gets a T-shift that has their favorite scene from Medicine Cabinet on it.
  2.  Second place gets the Medicine Cabinet T-shirt  that is sold on the site.
  3. Third gets a Medicine Cabinet poster.

Third: I will be showing much more love to the site meaning that I will be  posting more blog posts(at least once a week) and making sure to post on the Medicine Cabinet facebook and Twitter pages daily. So if you would like updates on future chapters, merchandise, general cats news/ info and Anime that I am currently into make sure to join the facebook page or follow Medicine Cabinet on twitter (@ RxCatnip).

Make sure to stay tuned for more Med Cab goodness ;)