Kitty of the week

Hi my little prescriptions! I hope all is well and your all of you are enjoying your week :) Soooorrry again for the delay but I plan to get on track with my blogs lol. Ok time for the the kitty of the week! For this week I will spotlight an important kitty from the past....Socks the presidential kitty who once belonged to Bill Clinton .

Socks was born sometime around 1989 and was adopted by the Clinton family in 1991 after jumping into Chelsea Clinton arms while she was leaving the house of her piano teacher's house. When Clinton became president Socks moved into the white house with the family and for years he was often taken to schools and hospitals. Unfortunately Socks eventually lost the position of principal Clinton pet in 1997 when the Clintons got a Labrador retriever by the name of Buddy.

When the Clintons left the White House in 2001 they took Buddy to their new home, but left Socks under the care of Bill Clinton's secretary due to the two animals not getting alone. Socks lived up to the age of 19 and had past away in 2009. Sock was loved by many and even was in the public eye after leaving the white....due to this Socks have been chosen for kitty of the week.

For those who would like for their kitty to be feature on the blog just message me either through email, Facebook or Twitter with a picture and mini bio of your kitty.