MIA again

Hi my little prescriptions hope you guys have been doing well!..........I know another missing in action post... been there done that but this time I come back with a new sense of motivation/ need to move forward. Medicine Cabinet had been launched years ago and it's time to leap into action and give my series the love it deserves. Sooo what's the game plan than? First more social media posts and updates for you guys. Next I have plans to launch a YouTube channel so I am hoping that you guys will enjoy that .Also I will be updating this blog a lot more often and plan to start showcasing the cats of fans again. Other major plans are  Launching a kickstarter so I can get more comics out to you guys in a timely fashion and last but not least I will be releasing a mini comic within the next two weeks so stay tuned for more Medicine Cabinet goodness and thanks for being awesome guys!

P.S Loki says hi!







Hi my little prescriptions it has been awhile haven't it? Well here is a major update!!! I was at Catcon this past weekend! What is Catcon you ask? Well Catcon is a major cat themed convention which has been around for 3 years now. You can find any and everything cat related like cat food, toys, cat themed apparel and there were even cat there to adopt! I was at booth 406 and went to the convention with my eldest brother Amond ( Who also works as my editor).

It was my first time even being at a convection and I totally didn't know what to expect...it was amazing!!! I got to meet so many great people and see a lot of awesome cat merch. I defiantly want to go next year and if any of you can make it to Pasadena CA next year I would highly recommend going to Catcon! I feel like was able to introduce many people to Medicine Cabinet and I am super excited for the future of Morphine, Prozac and Ritalin!